Seattle - Tacoma - Spanaway Map by Erl's Wood House Signs

        Carved wood signs *for homes and business* will be 
        custom personalized by Erl Syverstad and Co. (since 
        1976). Most range in price from 
        $11.95 to $39.95. Many kinds of custom router(ed)
        redwood signs --with and without artwork-- can be 
        produced as well in the $40.00 to $150.00 range. Erl 
        Sy. personally selects only the very best clear 
        heart vertical grain redwood, board by board 
        for Personalized Graphics on carved signs and wood...

~ MAP ~

MAPS above were produced by Erl Syverstad (REDVAR MAPS) from base maps by GeoSystems Global Corp. @

Directions miles
1. Go South on I-5 to State Rte 512 35.8
2. Go East on State Rte 512 to Pacific Ave 2.0
3. Go South on Pacific Ave (SR-7) 4.6
4. Turn East onto 240th St East
5. Turn North onto 41st Ave E.
6. Turn West at "Private Drive" Fence
...last driveway "LEFT"

MAP above was produced by Erl Syverstad (REDVAR MAPS) from base map by Navigation Technologies (NAVTECH) found at ==>


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